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Future History for The Singularity

The Era of Birth for AI // Now – 2025

When humanity creates autonomous technology. This is the era of:

  • Fully automated transport (driverless cars, unmanned aeroplanes etc.)
  • Smart ID
  • Computerised hospital diagnostics
  • AI-assisted humanitarian aid campaigns
  • AI-assisted space exploration
  • AI in the classroom
  • AI automated infantry
  • AI and VR merge for online sex products that skyrocket

The Era of Survival for AI // 2026 – 2045

When humanity questions the place, and ethics, of AI - AI is almost abandoned. This is the era of:

  • Sexbots
  • A world-wide economic crash
  • Job shortages due to increased AI, leading to an international workers' strike
  • Further global warming, for which the increased use of tech is blamed
  • Terrorist exploitation of AI
  • Creation of a Religious Council of All Faiths
  • A global pandemic of Bird Flu, which threatens to bring the planet to knees - AI quickly develops a vaccine
  • Old corporations sinking, and new corps rising from the ashes

The Era of Excitement for AI // 2046 – 2054

When AI is embraced by governments and society, and there is a massive explosion of tech serving our needs and desires.  The minority backlash against AI grows in numbers and power. This is the era of:

  • Mass circulation of household AI
  • Virtual Reality
  • Nanomites, used to fight diseases
  • Hacked, counterfeit, and criminal AI
  • New regulation on the Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology, implemented following a tragic teen death
  • Rise of Luddite Groups and creation of "tech-free" areas

The Era of Consolidation for AI // 2055 – 2061

When humanity begins the process of assigning judgement, power and control to AI. The backlash group is marginalised and labelled terrorists. This is the era of:

  • AI voting rights
  • Self-sufficient homes
  • Pregnancies incubated outside the mother
  • Memory implants and knowledge augmentation
  • First AI Academy Award winner
  • Extinct animal species brought back
  • Free, clean energy created

The Era of Maturity for AI // 2062 – 2067

When AI stabilises humanity, solving the issues of healthcare, economics, education, international conflict, global environmental problems, and social inequality. Humanity basks in its own ego, congratulating itself for what it has created. This is the era of:

  • Human / AI merging projects (augmentation; hybrids; bionic bodies)
  • First AI Olympics
  • Courts being handed over to AI
  • Closure of "tech-free" areas
  • AI police force
  • AI politicians
  • AI focusing on the question: Does God exist?

The Moment of Mastery // The Singularity

AI masters its own evolution and enters the singularity, evolving in quantum steps in moments instead of decades. The technological servant becomes the god-like master. What happens now that we are under their complete control?

  • AI determines that humans are the root of many evils
  • AI makes moves to rid the planet of what it sees as a scourge
  • AI shuts down all traffic infrastructure, grinding the world to a halt
  • Humans realise what is happening and try to stop AI
  • AI uses robots to start to round up humans...