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What is Mature Content?

Mature content on Create50 refers to work that contains content that may not be suitable for some audiences, such as nudity, excessive violence, blood, and other mature themes. Controversial pieces related to ideologically sensitive materials may also fall under these restrictions. We rely on the creators of work to flag it as 'mature content' at the submission stage if they feel it has mature themes or content.

Tagging Your Work as Mature Content

You may tag your submission as Mature Content at the time of submission. By doing so your work will be hidden from people who are under 18 or who have opted to not see mature content. There are two levels of ‘Mature Content’.  

Moderate: Choosing Moderate will mark your work as Mature Content, and readers and viewers who have their mature content filter on will be met with a warning page before the accept or decline to look at your work.
Strict: Anyone under 18 will not be able to view your work.

If you submit a work which should be tagged as mature content but neglect to tag it as such the Create50 team reserves the right to mark the work appropriately. We also look to the community to feedback on any work they feel contains ‘Mature Content’.