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Create50 FAQ's

This is the Frequently Asked Question page. We will update it as new questions are asked.

Last updated 16/08/2015

Question - I have found a bug or have a problem. What can I do?

Answer - We have a form for reporting problems and ideas. You can fill it out here and we will get back to you. Click here...

Question – How do I format my screenplay if I don’t have the software?

Answer – We have teamed up with Final Draft to offer an exclusive trial version that will get you started working with the industry leading tool. Final Draft will take care of all the formatting for you and will also save PDF files. More HERE.

Question - I am not happy with some feedback I was given?

Answer - There is a guide to offering and getting feedback on the site. If you feel that the feedback is worth reporting, please use the 'Report' button on the comment. But please do first read our guidance notes.

* Read the guidance on screenplay feedback HERE.

Question - Why is there a £5 submission fee?

Answer – Create50 is hugely time, resources, staff and money hungry. We need to claw back some of the costs. To be clear, we will never make more money than it costs to build and run by charging £5 for entry to the process. We have also found that a fee also adds as a little pain to submission, so people tend to upload more completed and developed work, which is better for everyone.  

Question - Can I change the title or tag line for my project?

Answer - Yes, but only when you submit a new draft.

Question - Why do I need to read other peoples scripts?

Answer – We have found that writers work improves hugely if they engage in feedback on other peoples work. It also means you will get feedback on your own work too. Everyone wins.

Question - I have had feedback which I don’t agree with. What should I do?

Answer – All creative industries require a robust attitude to feedback. It’s one of the ways we can grow as artists or crafts people. That said, feedback sits on a spectrum. On the one end, negative feedback might be spot on and the person receiving it should grow tougher skin and learn to use it as a resource. On the other end is feedback can verge on trolling. If that’s the case, drop us a line and we will look into it further.

Questions - What are the star ratings used for?

Answer - The stars serve as a guide for us. In time they may become more integral to the process but we want to first establish if there is a correlation between the star ratings you give and the ratings the judges give. Right now, the judges make all the decisions and the star ratings are ignored. Again, this may change in future projects if we can be sure that the Star Ratings are a good and robust guide.  

Question - Why can’t I withdraw my work?

Answer – We think that it is unfair if someone spends time and energy offering feedback for you to then withdraw your script and effectively erase their work. It’s also part of the rules that you agreed to before uploading.

Question - How do I know if my work is considered explicit and should be marked as such?

Answer - If your writing contains offensive language, sexually explicit actions or situations or violent actions or if your artwork depicts violence or sex, please mark it as such during the upload process. The community can also flag up your material as containing adult themes and we may act on that if we feel we should. This does not affect your status or the judging, it’s merely to warn readers who may find this type of work offensive or upsetting.

Q - I don't have MS Word or MS Office to read DOC ro DOCX files for book projects. Help!?

Answer -
If you do not have Microsoft Word you can download the MS Word viewer HERE or we would recommend one of the free alternatives to MS Office such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

Q - Can I submit stories which have been previously published, if I hold the copyright to them?

Answer – Yes, so long as you are the copyright holder. We have found this happens more with short stories as short screenplays often need to be more crafted to fit into the theme of the project.

Q - We are a writing team but there is no way to submit from both of us?

Answer - Only a couple of writers are writing in teams, so for us, it's a huge amount of work to deliver this in order to benefit a few. What we advise is to create a partnership profile with both your names, a writing team as it were. Several others have done this already and it works fine.